Boys of Summer

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Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer 2012 Poster.jpg

Theater Various
Directed by Girls Girls Girls
Cast Girls Girls Girls
Initial Run Jul/Aug 2006
Subsequent Run(s)
  • Jul/Aug 2007
  • Jul/Aug 2008
  • Jul/Aug 2009
  • Jul/Aug 2010
  • Jul/Aug 2011
  • Jul/Aug 2012
  • Jul/Aug 2013

Boys of Summer is a longform musical improv show from Girls Girls Girls which features a different male improvisor guesting with the troupe in every performance.


This format has had an annual run in July and August since 2006. It was a mainstage show at The Hideout Theatre in 2007, 2008, and 2009. In 2010 and 2011, it ran as a non-mainstage show at the Hideout, on Friday nights. It ran at The Institution Theater in Jul/Aug 2012, Jul/Aug 2013, Jul/Aug 2014, and July/Aug 2015. Another run is scheduled for 2016.

An improvisor only gets one chance to guest star in a Boys of Summer show; there are no repeats, unless a veteran is called back for a "Pick-A-Boy" performance. Here is a list of improvisors who have guest-starred in Boys of Summer:

2006 Run

2007 Run

2008 Run

2009 Run

2010 Run

2011 Run

2012 Run

2013 Run

2014 Run

2015 Run

2016 Run

The show is scheduled to return to The Institution Theater in 2016.