Hurly Burly

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Hurly Burly was an improvised burlesque narrative mainstage show at The Institution Theater.


The show followed the lives of nine women working together in a house burlesque troupe, spotlighting a different performer each week. It had the tone of the 1930s Depression era, but existed out of time, blending playful performances on stage at the theater with grounded character driven moments off- and back-stage. It also included dance choreography and improvised burlesque.

Owing to the somewhat risqué nature of burlesque, several performers in the show have chosen to employ pseudonyms.

The show ran Fridays in May and June of 2014, and was hour 34 of The 45-Hour Improv Marathon.

It then ran Fridays in February and March of 2015, and was part of The 2015 Improvised Play Festival.




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