The 2007 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

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The 2007 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival was the sixth annual Out of Bounds Comedy Festival.


The festival ran from 8/30/07 to 9/3/07.

Its advertising and art were themed around Soviet Russia.


Local Acts

Out-of-Town Acts

  • 88improv (Omaha)
  • American Standard (New York)
  • Available Cupholders (Austin, Chicago)
  • Backpack Picnic (Austin, Los Angeles)
  • Cathcart & Olson (Chicago)
  • Curtis Needs a Ride (Ft. Worth)
  • F* squared (Houston)
  • Good Neighbor (Los Angeles)
  • Freudian Slip (College Station)
  • Impro Theatre (LA Theatresports)
  • Inflatable Betty (Los Angeles)
  • Knife Fight! (Los Angeles)
  • Obviously Unrehearsed Improv (Norman, OK)
  • Pavlov's Dogs (Dallas)
  • pH Productions PHrenzy (Chicago)
  • Razowsky and Clifford (Los Angeles)
  • Renob Control (Portland)
  • Revolving Madness (San Francisco)
  • Scatter! (Houston)
  • Shiner (Los Angeles)
  • Silver City Pink (Los Angeles)
  • Spontaneous Combustion (Houston)
  • Start Trekkin' (New York)
  • The Trip Fives (Kansas City)
  • The Victims (Dallas)
  • Unexpected Company (Warwick, RI)
  • You're Fat (Austin, New York)

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