The 2011 Ladies Are Funny Festival

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The 2011 Ladies Are Funny Festival was the fifth annual Ladies Are Funny Festival.


The festival ran from 5/5/11 to 5/7/11 at Salvage Vanguard Theater.


These lists are incomplete until we can find a complete schedule for the 2011 festival.

Local Acts

Out-of-Town Acts

  • Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting (Brooklyn, NY)

Stand-Up Acts

  • Aparna Nancheria
  • Carolyn Busa
  • Cynthia Levin
  • Jen Kwok
  • Jenny Zigrino
  • Julia Hladkowicz
  • Kerry Lendo
  • Kim Diaz
  • Maggie Maye
  • Sarah Kennedy
  • Selena Coppock (NYC/Boston)
  • Sharon Houston



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