The Aftermath

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The Aftermath was a student mainstage production at The Hideout Theatre.


The Aftermath was a narrative show set in a post-apocalyptic world. At the top of the show, the cast would enter and select one token (an item that another cast member had brought and placed on a block center stage before the start of the show). The two hosts would then take a suggestion from the audience of what ended the world, alternating between something that came into the world that caused its downfall or something that vanished from it. The cast then took turns, describing some consequence of that event, creating a chain of events that led to the new state of the world. After declaring that "that was the end. This is the Aftermath," three pre-selected cast members took turns giving testimonial monologues as survivors of the apocalypse, interspersed with scenes depicting or inspired by the events they described. Using the events and characters created in the opening sections, the narrative portion portrayed the lives of the survivors as they did their best to move forward in the new world and rebuild. After the first few scenes of the narrative, the show would take a brief intermission before resolving the narrative in the second act. The hosts would thank the audience and send them off with the declaration, "that was the Aftermath. the end."

The soundtrack was a mix of acoustic guitar and percussion.

Kaci Beeler designed the show's set.

In light of the announcements of Risen and The Organ Trail, director Jordan T. Maxwell instituted a soft "no zombies" rule for the run.

Publicity Blurbs

From the show announcement:

An improvised post-post-apocalyptic adventure, chronicling the lives of the survivors of a world ending cataclysm. Inspired by works like World War Z, Y the Last Man, The Hunger Games, Revolution, and The Walking Dead.

From the show's web page:

The world has ended. Something came and took it all away. Or something vanished and everything fell apart. Billions are dead. Civilization has crumbled. That is not our story. Our story is what comes after. A story of survivors. A story of rebuilding. A story of our first steps out of the ashes. Welcome... to The Aftermath!

Inspired by the worlds created (and destroyed) in such visionary works as World War Z, Y the Last Man, Children of Men, Falling Skies, and Jericho (along with countless others), The Aftermath is an improvised look into the lives of the survivors of a world ending cataclysm, their hardships and hopes, what they had to give up and what they’ll never let go of, and most importantly how they move forward.




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