The Randy Meisner

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The Randy Meisner

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Years Active 2010-Present

The Randy Meisner is an improv troupe that focuses on Meisner techniques.


The troupe was founded by Jon Bolden, David Hess, and John Ratliff in the spring of 2010 after a series of meetings attempting to learn the acting techniques of Sanford Meisner. Shortly after they discontinued their training, they formed a troupe to experiment with the Meisner techniques they developed.

A few years later, they asked Kareem Badr to join the troupe to further differentiate the troupe from The Glamping Trip, a frequently performing duo comprised of John Ratliff, and David Hess.

Here is John Ratliff's explanation of the name's origin:

Hess and I were doing Meisner exercises in rehearsal (all wrong, as it turns out) and invited Jon Bolden to join us. When we played a show I suggested calling ourselves the Randy Meisner. I assumed that almost nobody would realize that was also the name of the first bassist for the Eagles and I was right.