The Tuesday Night Jam

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The Tuesday Night Jam was a weekly free improv jam at the Hideout Theatre.


The first jam was on 4/19/05. It was organized by Sara Farr, under the auspices of The Austin Improv Collective.

The jam was set up to be leaderless and free-form. From 7-9pm, there would be a set of warm-ups and exercises, and then from 9-10pm, attendees would perform for each other inn an open jam.

Over time, it usually turned into more of an informal class led by a more experienced improvisor like Tom Booker, Wesley Bain, or Michael Joplin running a standard collection of beginners' exercises. Many Hideout improvisors, such as Michael Thomas, Andreas Fabis, and Peter Rogers, attended the jam regularly during its heyday.

At the end of 2009, the jam was discontinued and replaced with a monthly free "intro to improv" class at the Hideout.