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Tight was an improv troupe.

Formed by former members of the Chicago Improv Community in the Spring of 2005. Dave Buckman & Rachel Madorsky moved from Cleveland, OH to Austin and hooked up with Rachel's former Comedy Sportz! Austin partners in crime, Jen Cargill & Erin Plischke whom Dave had known briefly in Chicago. Jen and Erin had just moved to Austin from Dallas Mac Antigua was an improviser that Dave knew from iO Theater in Chicago, who had started Houston's Massive troupe and training center. Mac would drive up from Houston to perform Tight to play with people with his similar Chicago Experience.

Tight played shows in both Houston and Austin throughout early 2005.

In June of 2005, Bob McNichol & Erika McNichol also moved from Chicago's iO community and had known Jen and Erin and Dave in Chicago and fit right into the group seamlessly.

Tight's main format was a monoscene in real time.

They also would have Massive's Michael Garcia and MADtv's Ike Barinholtz sit in on their shows when they visited Austin.

In summer 2006, Mac moved to Minneapolis and Jen & Erin moved to Seattle.

The four remaining members renamed themselves The Frank Mills in August 2006 for their Out of Bounds show.