Twilight Zoned

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Twilight Zoned was an improvised longform narrative show inspired by The Twilight Zone.


Twilight Zoned ran as part of The Sci-Fi Comedy Double Feature. It aimed to tell science fiction stories in the same style as the original 1959 television show. Actors dressed in period 50s costume, and the show opened with a theatrical representation of the show's classic opening sequence.

Shows typically hewed to one of two types. Some shows were "devil's bargain" sorts of stories, a character with a strong want got their desire fulfilled by some scientific or supernatural agency, and that fulfillment invariably had unintended consequences. Other shows were "weird world" sorts of shows, where a person or group of people found themselves in a peculiar environment. The show then showed them exploring this environment, and perhaps discovering what it really was.

The cast worked at slowing down the plot. They would focus less on making things happen, and more on really exploring each strange thing that occurred. Characters would list possible explanations, or make tentative experiments to gather more information. Typically, only three or four things would actually happen in a half-hour show.




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