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Mark Tindle is a UK improviser based in London. He first came to Austin in Summer 2014, to take part in the Hideout Theatre's first-ever Summer Intensive (a decision which was the result of being inspired by the visiting Parallelogramophonograph). He immediately fell in the with the Hideout, the AIC, all of the other theatres and the people there, and has visited on numerous occasions since then. He is particularly interested in improvised theatre and narrative styles, but takes great pleasure in experiencing all of the different approaches that improv offers. He's a self-declared "Improv Journeyman".

Mark became an active improviser in 2012, as part of the short-lived Teesside Improv. His love of improv really began to flourish in 2013, when he moved to London and began take attend shows and take classes there. In 2014, he became one of the presenters and organisers of Duck Duck Goose Improv, hosting the weekly Jam, and helping to build the night into one of the most successful and well-regarded of its type in London. DDG Improv has, recently, begun to welcome visiting improvisers from the AIC, including Peter Rogers, Lindsey McGowen, Natalie Grigson, Jessica Arjet and Brad Hawkins. Mark has also increasingly volunteered himself to be point of contact for AIC members visited London. A role he revels in having!

He is the member of a number of teams in London, including Story Kitchen Impro (the city's Theartresports franchise), DuckDuckTales (a choose-your-own-adventure narrative team inspired by the Hideout's Control Issues), X&Y (a monoscene duo with Vic Hogg) and Fish & Cushion (a David Razowsky Two Chairs format-inspired duo with Steff Man).

As well as Austin, Mark has also visited and performed in Atlanta GA, Tampa FL and Portland OR. He's looking forward to having many more opportunities to travel across the USA, and meet more of the fantastic communities that exist.

He and Aspen Webster are the duo An Englishman and a Belle, which was formed in November 2015 to perform at the Tampa Improv Festival. In April 2016, they performed together again, first at Cascade's Impromp-Two at The Institution Theater, and then at the Hideout Theatre's Improvised Play Festival, as part of the duos slot. Both Mark and Aspen are drawn to playing the rich, theatrical and character-led improv that the Hideout teaches, and also have a love of playing together. Until proven otherwise, they're going to claim to to be the most geographically-separated duo in the world!