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WIG (also stylized W.I.G. or #WIG) is a group of female improvisers performing in Austin. The group was fully formed near the end of 2015, and had its first performance in the Threefer on February 18, 2016 with Kinkade and Golden. WIG's members are all current or former students of The Hideout Theatre.

The group is regularly coached by Nicole Oliver, with additional coaching from Jessica Arjet and Kaci Beeler.


WIG currently performs a montage narrative format inspired by the performer's connections to audience suggestions.

Press Blurb

"We use narrative intertwined with audience suggestions (secrets, real or created.) Our range of careers, experience and imagination sparks both depth and breadth into each character. A combination of both playful and realistic, audiences will delight in the form and the stories we create. Snuggle up with a tasty snack and drink, and get comfy! It’s storytime!"