Waiting for Batman

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Waiting for Batman

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Years Active 2013

Waiting for Batman was an improv duo consisting of Curtis Luciani and Eric Heiberg.


Luciani and Heiberg performed as Officer Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara, respectively, in the 1960s Batman universe. In the show, the two characters chat while waiting for Batman to show up at the office.


The two performers were part of the cast for the Hideout mainstage show Holy 1960s Batman, Batman! The two enjoyed playing off of each other as Gordon and O'Hara, and decided to try making a whole show out of that interplay.

They performed the format as part of The Free Fringe on 2/28/13. They then submitted that show video to The 2013 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and were accepted as the interstitial act for the festival's Sunday-night headliner shows.