Who Dack?

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Who Dack?

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Years Active 2011-Present
Cast Variable

Who Dack? is an improv troupe composed of members from several theaters and improv traditions, that performs mainly at ColdTowne Theater.


Who Dack? was formed when Drew Wesely gathered a diverse group of improvisers for ColdTowne's Cagematch in May 2011, and reached the finals. The goal was to bring together improvisers who had drifted out of the community, were new to it and still in classes, or were trained at Austin improv venues other than ColdTowne. Since that time, the troupe's ever-changing lineup has performed at ColdTowne and The Hideout Theater numerous times.


The lineup of Who Dack? has evolved in accordance with the troupe philosophy of reaching improvisers from all over the community. The most recent lineup includes:

Those who have performed with the troupe include: