You're Not My Real Dad

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You're Not My Real Dad


Years Active 2007-Present

You're Not My Real Dad is an improv troupe developed out of a joke troupe name on the AIC Forums.


Show Structure

A typical You're Not My Real Dad show is montage inspired by music. The audience is asked for a number from 3 to 10 which is plugged into a collective playlist that they've compiled. Let's say the number chosen is 7, we hear the first few seconds of the first six songs – what has been termed "The Lost Opportunities Medley" – before hearing more of the 7th song which soundtracks the first scene of the montage

Press Blurb

"Long an Austin Improv fan favorite...

'Upbeat', 'fresh-faced', and 'brimming with youthful enthusiasm'.

These are phrases you will never, ever hear applied to Austin's You're Not My Real Dad. A troupe with over 60 years of stage experience between them. Embittered by experience, railroaded by relationships, down by law, YNMRD are never going to see thirty again, and they're pissed about it. They get their inspiration from old LPs and their dinner from the gas station. This is improv with authority from the last people you'd want to have any."





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