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Crack! (full name: Crack! The Improvised Puppet Musical) was an improvised puppet musical.


It was a two-act show, featuring short-form songs and scenes in act one, and then an improvised narrative musical in act two.

The show debuted Thanksgiving weekend, 2009, and returned to SVT for a run of 6 shows in August, 2010. It also played The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival that year.

Each performance had a (human) guest for the night, while all the other performers improvised through modified sock puppets with rod armatures. Sometimes, larger puppets, such as full-body puppets, were used as well. Also, there was a musical improvisor providing live music for every performance.


Here is a list of guests for each show:

Press Description

The show is created by mixing highly volatile puppet characters with a band of uninhibited improvisers. The result is a hilarious variety of songs and scenes in Act 1, and a completely improvise musical in Act 2 -- all conceived and performed on the spot and starring puppets. This is not your average puppet show, and it is definitely NOT a show for young children.



  • Video by Sara Farr of the 8/6/10 show, in four parts: 1, 2, 3, 4.


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