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== Notable Alums ==
== Notable Alums ==
[[Colin Bates]]
*[[Colin Bates]]
[[Michael Bird]]
*[[Michael Bird]]
[[Quinn Buckner]]
*[[Quinn Buckner]]
[[Bryan Cruz]]
*[[Bryan Cruz]]
[[Michael Domangue]]
*[[Michael Domangue]]
[[Yamina Khouane]]
*[[Yamina Khouane]]
[[Bryan Roberts]]
*[[Bryan Roberts]]
[[Kyle Traughber]]
*[[Kyle Traughber]]
[[Meghan Wolff]]
*[[Meghan Wolff]]


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Gigglepants Logo.jpg

Years Active ?-Present
Cast Semester to Yearly Rotating Cast

Gigglepants is the college troupe for University of Texas that has been the starting point for a few improvisors around town and continues to do shows on a bi-weekly basis.



Notable Alums