Quinn Buckner

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Years Active 2009-Present

Quinn Buckner is an improv performer, software engineer, and all around cool guy.


In 2008 while attending UT Quinn saw some Gigglepants shows on campus and fell in love with the way someone could get on stage and be bound by nothing more than the imagination. He had to wait till the next year to try out as the auditions had happened the month before. In September of 2009 he auditioned, made it in and met best friends and future troupe mates Colin Bates and Kyle Traughber. In November he started taking classes at Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation and went through 101-601 back to back. While still in 101 via the Merlin Works Mixers he made it into his first troupe Anticdotes coached by Ace Manning. In March of 2010 he got invited to be apart of his first main stage show, the 2010 run of Guilds of Steel and in September became co-leader of Gigglepants. 2010 was also his first festival as he played in The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival with Anticdotes. In August of 2011 he started TA'ing for Merlin Works with 101. 2012 saw his first out of state festival in the attendance of Hawaii's Improvaganza with The Professor: Improv Inspired by Doctor Who as well as his first The Hideout Theatre main stage show, Fandom. He is still performing and teaching on a regular basis




  • 2010 - The Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival - Anticdotes, Guilds of Steel
  • 2011 - The Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival - Bolik Not ZIB,Dukes of Bedside Manor, Quayle
  • 2012 - The Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival - Dukes of Bedside Manor, The Professor
  • 2012 - Improvaganza (Hawaii) - The Professor
  • 2013 - The Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival - Ghetto Sketch Warlock, Known Wizards, The Professor, Rhinodino
  • 2014 - Vancouver Theatre Sports League Valentine's Day Massacre - Theatresports
  • 2014 - Improvised Play Festival - Big Bash, Kenjutsu