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Brent Chismark

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Primary Theater
Years Active 2015-Present

Brent Chismark is a stage and technical improvisor and transplant from Metro Detroit, MI.


Brent's earliest improv experience comes from playing basic short-form games in high school acting classes and as part of rehearsals for scripted productions.

After providing some technical consulting to the pilot episode of the Tales from The Black Vault podcast, and making the decision to move to Austin, he joined the Tales from The Black Vault team as a production engineer in 2015, working remotely on around half of the first season's episodes.

On arriving in Austin in June of 2015, he started taking classes at The Hideout Theatre, joining Andy Crouch's Level 1, continuing with Level 2 with Jessica Arjet and Kareem Badr and then through levels 3-6 with Kareem and his cohort (known as "Zippy Spork".)

In December of 2015, Brent participated in his first Maestro Raw, winning the coveted CAD$5.

His first foray into Technical Improvising was with the 2016 run of Austin Secrets in March/April, where he worked on that show's interstitial scoring. Later, he created the "hosting" video sequences for the May/June 2016 run of Fiasco, and was enlisted to create the opening video animation for How I Saved the World Over Summer Vacation during that show's May/June 2017 run.

In late 2017, he used his knowledge of TV production as a technical advisor to Local on the Eights which is the first Hideout show to include a simulated Live TV news broadcast as part of each show.

Outside of improv, Brent works remotely for an IT Outsourcing company as "the guy that makes pretty graphs that show how well we're doing our job." He also has a history of "minor fame and infamy" in the contemporary a cappella community.