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Years Active 2014-Present

Cascade is an improv duo.


Starting in the middle of what looks like a modern three act play, Sarah Marie and Cat use their extensive knowledge and experience of theater, stage craft, acting and narrative improv to present an improvised domestic drama. Cascade will explore the dynamic bond between two unique and complex characters by showing the darkest and lightest moments of their relationship. Their shows are both the thunderclap of dramatic work and the lighting strike of comedy. Completely human. Completely improvised. Life is a maelstrom.


Formed in April of 2014, Cascade is an improv duo staring Sarah Marie Curry (Austin Critics Table Best Actress Nominee 2014) and Cat Drago (A Bedtime Gorey, Wanderlust, RISEN). The Story: Sarah Marie went to watch an improv show at The Hideout Theater in Austin, Texas called "Kenjutstu". Cat played a beautiful blind samurai warrior with such passion and poise, that Sarah Marie braved her social anxiety and asked Cat for coffee in the hopes that she might want to work together in a duo. Cat was equally delighted and enthused to work with Sarah Marie, and they've been improvising together ever since.

Built on a foundation of mutual adoration, and a love of theater and dramatic story telling, they specialize in realism, raw emotion, acting and what we in the improv world call "grounded scene work". They want you to laugh and cry. They love working together. And they love your support. Thank you.

In January 2015 they began hosting ImprompTwo at The Institution Theater with a different guest troupe every week.




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