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Years Active 2010-2011
This page refers to the defunct all-male troupe consisting of ex-members of Continental Breakfast. For the current, all-female ColdTowne troupe, see Ctrl Alt Delete.

Ctrl-Alt-Delight was an improv troupe consisting of ex-members of Continental Breakfast.


Press Blurb

This is their bio from the 2012 Out of Bounds web site:

Ctrl-Alt-Delight is the original four-man venture of Austin natives Jonathan Euseppi, Mike Sullivan, Gary Pascal, and Hugo Vargas-Zesati. Beginning with a single audience suggestion, the show is free to explore any subject matter. It is at times grounded in reality, at times absurd, and always fast-paced and fun.

Jonathan, Mike, Gary, and Hugo first began performing together in 2009 as members of Continental Breakfast. Their styles and personalities instantly drew them together and soon after, Ctrl-Alt-Delight was created. Despite now being split between Austin and Chicago, Ctrl-Alt-Delight has been able to continue performing all over Austin and at festivals such as The Hideout Theatre's Wafflefest.


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