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Years Active 2014
Tech Cindy Page

Dandy was an improv duo featuring Ryan Hill and Clay Towery.


The show was framed by the duo performing the characters of two dandy gentlemen, ostensibly from an earlier time and dressed to the nines. They entered to the Theme from Masterpiece Theater and took themselves extremely seriously.

After a suggestion was taken and the improv started the duo performed a series of scenes of varying length and subject matter, uninfluenced by the frame of the dandy gentlemen. The goal was to play whatever inspiration arose. They enjoyed musical scenes as well.


Late in 2012, Clay and Ryan rehearsed and played together in The Black Vault. They enjoyed performing together and planned to do more. Family, career and other performance obligations prevented them from initiating a new project until late 2013 when they started rehearsing a duo with Jason Vines as a coach.

Clay approached Cindy Page to tech for the duo and though she generally refused to tech for troupes, she agreed.

The duo only put on one show, on January 7, 2014 at The Hideout Theatre, before Clay's untimely death on February 13, 2014. It was Clay's last performance.

Their last rehearsal was two weeks before Clay's death and consisted of watching the show and discussing the future direction of the duo.



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