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Franz & Dave


Years Active 2011-Present

Franz & Dave is a duo consisting of Brad Hawkins and Christopher "Ceej" Allen, playing the roles of Franz Kafka and David Lynch.


Franz & Dave was conceived in the Hideout's green room during a show sometime in early 2011. The duo debuted as part of ColdTowne's Shakedown on May 11 of that year, hosted by Brett Tribe. They played to an audience of six that night.

In addition to their regular two-person format, Franz & Dave have played a number of one-off shows including a Free Fringe appearance out of their usual costumes, in which the characters of Kafka and Lynch played recent Hideout graduates performing their first improv show. On April 17, 2014, again as part of the Free Fringe, Franz & Dave directed a Maestro.


Franz & Dave's usual format has the characters of Kafka and Lynch collaborating on a "movie" based on the audience's suggestion (typically a dull or menial occupation, ala Kafka). The characters begin by scene painting, then break into and out of scenes from the "movie" as desired.

In The 44-Hour Improv Marathon, the duo introduced "Pine Falls", an improvised take on Twin Peaks which allowed them to incorporate additional players into their show. The format has been a part of every subsequent Marathon.




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