Golden (mainstage)

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Golden was the April 2015 student mainstage production at The Hideout Theatre. It continued on as a troupe of the same name.


The show ran 90 minutes, with a 15-minute intermission, in the Hideout's upstairs theater.

It was a narrative that followed three protagonists, with a cast of 8-10 performers per night. Each protagonist had their own storyline, but the three storylines sometimes intertwined or overlapped.

The show opened with prompting the audience for a suggestion -- for example, what is this person's dream, secret, or occupation?

Tonally it could vary from grounded realism to over-the-top stylization.

The scoring relied heavily on music by Ludovic Bource, Heinz Kiessling, and Werner Tautz.

The performers dressed in 60s-mod-inspired clothing.

Publicity Blurb

From the show announcement:

"A full-length improvised narrative, performed without words. Golden will draw its inspiration from classic silent films, without being slavishly beholden to them. Mime, clowning, physicality, and emotional sounds will all come into play"




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