Joshua Krilov

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Joshua Krilov

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Primary Theater ColdTowne Theater
Years Active 2008-Present

Joshua Krilov is an improv performer and teacher.


From his ColdTowne bio:

Joshua Krilov earned a Bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television & Film from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008 and has since worked on television shows (The Real World: Austin, Friday Night Lights) and on feature films (Gretchen, There Will Be Blood). His directing credits include Clothes Horse (SXSW 2008), The Trouble With Jumpsuits (SXSW 2007), Soft Shoe (Modified Arts in Phoenix 2006). He wrote, directed, and hosted The Night Show, a live late night talk show. Joshua has done voiceover work for Bazaarvoice as well as for Star Force, an animated short. Since 2008, he’s performed with Story Wranglers, an organization that turns the writing of 9-year-olds into a scripted live music and comedy showcase. He graduated from and is on faculty at ColdTowne Theater, where he was the Artistic Director and General Manager as well a writer-performer in Eye for an iPhone and Shanty Town Lake, two of Coldtowne’s mainstage sketch comedy revues. He performs improv comedy weekly and has done hundreds of shows with several troupes including The Team, Stool Pigeon, and Movie Riot. Has performed at festivals in New York City, Minneapolis, Dallas, Austin, New Orleans and Phoenix. Trained at The Annoyance Theater in Chicago.



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