Magna Veritas

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Magna Veritas was an improv show.


Magna Veritas was a monthly show put on by Gnap! Theater Projects that ran for four performances, from September to December 2011. The show, inspired by the French roleplaying game In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas, cast the players as angels and demons battling for the soul of humanity.


Two "supernatural" characters were pre-selected prior to each show, one angelic, one demonic. The remainder of the cast mainly played humans or minor supernatural figures. The show took the form of a single narrative which pitted the two supernatural forces against each other, usually revolving around tropes found in such religious/apocalyptic fiction as The Omen, Left Behind, or Good Omens.


Magna Veritas represented something of an experiment for Gnap! scheduling, intended to build a show by a conventional rehearsal process and then a run spread out over an extended period of time. The show was slotted at 10pm on one Saturday a month, in a 45-minute time slot. The bill was shared with a Merlin Works troupe or other local troupe.