Todd Hart

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Todd Hart

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Primary Theater The Institution Theater
Years Active
  • 1986-1988
  • 2009-Present

Todd Hart is an improv performer and technical improvisor.


Todd was born in Chicago, Illinois.

In 1986, shortly after graduating High School, he took a Denver Free University Improv class taught by Alley Theater founder Bob Wells. Coming to St. Edward's for college he tried to find others interested in improv and failed.

Sometime around 1987/88 he auditioned for ComedySportz at Wiley's bar. Todd was < 21. He did OK, but the person running the audition kept asking him, "You know this we'll be performing in a bar. How old are you?" And, coming from a state where he could drink at 18, and not really being a drinker, he kept saying 19. Todd did not perform at Wiley's in ComedySportz.

Later, Todd got a degree in Communications with minor in English Writing (and a near minor in Computer Science). And later, he got a Master's degree in Human Services - Conflict Resolution.

Twenty or so years later, Todd was waiting across the street from the Hideout and saw the words - Improv Classes. He took classes, and went on to do tech for many shows including Maestro, Charles Dickens Unleashed, Who Is T. Henry Baudecliffe?, Seance, and Hitchcocked!.

Currently expanding into the world of standup from the tutelage of Brently Helbrion who teaches an Improv to Standup class.