Oh, Science!

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Oh, Science!

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Years Active 2009-Present

Oh, Science! is an improv troupe.


The troupe was founded as a ColdTowne student troupe in July of 2009. Known for their intensely joyful, energetic shows, the troupe performed a modified Harold until Spring 2013. Currently, they perform a monoscene.


Here is Josh Gill's explanation of the name's origin:

Oh, Science was born out of a Google spreadsheet of well over 200 possible names. We all got together in a room with some pizza, and basically narrowed it down, then went through a voting/vetoing process until we narrowed it down to Oh, Science! (with the proper punctuation. I still think we should have been called The Masons. :D

Since February 10, 2010 they have hosted the ColdTowne Theater 8:30PM Sunday slot, which was first called The Jam with Oh, Science! and is now called Improvised Comedy with Oh, Science!.

Oh, Science! has performed at The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival and at The Del Close Marathon.