Tall Tales of the High Seas

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Tall Tales of the High Seas is a pirate-themed mainstage improv show at the Institution Theater.



Pirates: loveable rogues, intrepid adventurers, notorious criminals. For young and old alike pirate stories evoke the spirit of danger, freedom and flamboyant eccentricities like no other genre. Follow our bigger than life characters into the golden age of swashbuckling where masts will split, cutlasses will shatter… but the truth will just be slightly bent.

Inspired by works like Treasure Island, Baron von Münchausen, Stardust and the Crimson Pirate we will spin totally, absolutely true yarns of bodice-ripping romance, unspeakable danger, sword-fights and exotic locations.

Every week two pirate captains will tell competing made-up stories based on audience suggestions. These tales are brought to life by our cast of improvisers and rated by the audience. The winner gets gold and glory, the loser gets put in the Tickle Sack… or worse.

It ran Fridays from 2/5/16 to 3/11/16.

Show Schedule:

  • 2/5 Andreas Fabis & Ellen Pizarek
  • 2/12 Dana Yanoshak & Sushant Sethi
  • 2/19 Brad Hawkins & Megan Moten
  • 2/26 Jessica Arjet & Cagney Ortiz
  • 3/4 Claudio Fox & Amanda Hinsman/Jessica Arjet
  • 3/11 Paul Normandin & Mary Henderson

The show was sponsored by Treaty Oak Rum and The Crow Bar.