Mary Henderson

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Mary Henderson


Primary Theater The Hideout Theatre Coldtowne Theater
Years Active 2012-Present


Mary Henderson has her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from the University of Texas in Austin. She took her first improv class at the Hideout Theatre and was hooked for life. She continued by taking all levels at the Hideout Theatre including their first Summer Narrative Intensive in 2014. Along the way, she also picked up Levels 3 through 6 at Merlin Works along with their Singing Improv classes Levels 1 through 5. Mary completed levels 2 through 6 at Coldtowne Theater snd was chosen to be in their troupe Dear Bagel in 2017. She has performed in Fancy Pants, Free Fringe, Maestro,and Maestro Raw, the Molologue Jam (Winner May 2016) and Tightrope.

Mary has participated in numerous improv workshops including Narration in Improv taught by Peter Rogers and Andreas Fabis at the Hideout Theatre, Sarah Marie Curry's Viewpoints in Improv at the The Institution Theater, Jessica Arjet's Wonder Women workshops at the Hideout Theatre, and Jill Bernard's workshops on Solo Improv and Characterization.

She participated in Rob Yoho's "Directing Improv" and Andy Crouch's "Teaching Improv" classes.