Click Click Whir

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Click Click Whir


Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by Valerie Ward
Assistant Director(s) Luke Wallens
Tech Director(s) Jay Mahavier
Run August 2017

Click Click Whir (full title: Click Click Whir: A Rhythmic Steampunk Adventure) was a Hideout student mainstage show. It was a steampunk adventure set in Victorian London which featured a percussive soundtrack improvised by the cast.

Promotional Blurb

Powered by newfangled inventions and a percussive soundtrack created by the cast on the spot, Click Click Whir brings a steampunk sensibility to never-before-seen completely improvised stories exploring Victorian London. Time, space, class and culture will collide in tales reminiscent of a quaint Dickens story or a cheeky Austen novel with a sci-fi slant – all made up in the moment. From its streets to its manors, our London is loud and rhythmic, its driving pulse cobbled from objects at hand. Wind your clocks up, load your hydraulic revolver and–for goodness sakes–ladies and gentlemen, do not forget your opera glasses.

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