The Ladies Room

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The Ladies Room

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Theater The Institution Theater
Directed by Asaf Ronen
Assistant Director(s) Ally Huston
Crew Asaf Ronen
Initial Run Jun-Jul 2015
Subsequent Run(s) 2016

The Ladies Room was a mainstage show at The Institution Theater.


Show Structure

There were nine (female) performers in the cast each night. The show opened with that night's three leads taking a place in front of one of three downstage "mirrors" (represented as empty frames), while the supporting players would sit at the sides of the stage. They would then perform a variety of relatively grounded, realistic scenes, depicting the relationships in the three leads' lives, and returning periodically to the initial 'bathroom' scene, which provided a through-line, a chance for the leads to regroup together, and a chance to focus on certain themes in the lead characters' lives. The show didn't depict a linear narrative, but skipped around the lead characters' world for more of a 'pastiche' effect.

The show ran from an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, with no intermission.


Before the show, audience members would fill out slips of paper with the titles of songs that meant something to them. Those songs were then used to soundtrack the show.

The show used lighting cues to enhance the mood. The show did not use sound effects.

Costume-wise, the leads were free to dress as they pleased, though sometimes they met before the performance to coordinate wardrobes. The supporting players wore various shades of blue, filling out their outfits with black as needed.

Press Blurb

From the initial show announcement:

"There is a lot women hide and only reveal when they go to the restroom together. The Ladies Room is an improvised show about seeing all sides of woman the good the bad and the ugly."


The show ran Fridays at 10pm from 6/26/15 to 7/17/15.

A second season of the show is planned for 2016.




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