The Bloody Balloon Battle

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Combatants in the 2012 Bloody Balloon Battle.
Combatants in the 2012 Bloody Balloon Battle.

The Bloody Balloon Battle was a balloon fight played by the Austin improv community in 2011 and 2012.


In preparation for the event, Jason Vines and friends filled a large quantity of balloons (some five thousand in 2012) with fake blood. On the day of the event, they arranged the balloons in a large ring in an open area in a public park. All Austin improvisors were welcome at the event; participants wore white, gathered inside the ring, and then commenced the battle on cue. The entire event lasted only five minutes or so, with photographers onhand to take photos (before, after, during).


The Balloon Battle started in 2011, when Jason Vines found himself with a large superfluous quantity of fake blood from a video project. He decided to use them for a giant balloon fight. The event went over so well that he brought it back, on an even larger scale, in 2012.


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