The Rubber Room

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The Rubber Room

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Theater The Institution Theater
Directed by
Cast Various
Run Sep 2012-Present

The Rubber Room is the weekly improv jam at The Institution Theater.


The Rubber Room happens every first Sunday of the month at The Institution Theater at 8pm, is free to attend, and is run by the faculty of the theater.

The jam starts with about fifteen minutes of group improv warm-ups. Then, attendees are split up into a set of ad hoc mini-troupes. Next, the faculty performs their Faculty Show by performing a twenty to twenty-five minute set.

Each ad-hoc 'troupe' then performs a brief montage piece -- some number of scenes based on an audience-suggested theme (this is called the "Short Films" format) -- for the rest of the attendees. The faculty members call scenes and occasionally provide light direction.

After that, there is a 'lottery' -- each faculty member randomly selects an improvisor from the crowd (using raffle tickets) to do a scene with them. After that,

Starting with the 5/19/13 Rubber Room, the faculty made it possible for attendees to replace one of the "Short Films" segments with a custom format for the night.



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