Jeremy Sweetlamb

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Jeremy Sweetlamb

Jeremy Sweetlamb Pic.jpg

Primary Theater The Hideout Theatre
Years Active 1999-2003, 2011-Present

Jeremy Sweetlamb (né Jeremy Lamb) is an improv performer, director, and teacher.


Jeremy founded Well Hung Jury in 1998, The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in 2002, and Available Cupholders in 2004. He has also performed solo improv nationally under the name Bearded Lamb.

In 2003, Jeremy left Austin for Chicago. He returned in 2006, went to LA in 2007, then to New York in 2009, returning home in 2011 after a brief residency in Sarasota. In his travels he has trained at Second City Chicago, UCB LA, Ultimate, iO, and performed or taught in 35 of these US states.

A post from him about the first improv show he ever saw:

My first was ComedySportz at Northcross Mall in 1996 or so. I was a junior in high school and it was a date. They asked for a volunteer for a dubbing game and since I had always been such a huge fan of the British Whose Line reruns I'd been watching for years, I went up. I rocked the classic moving my mouth for a long time when the dubber just said one short little line. It got a huge laugh and I was hooked. I met them after the show. Tyler Bryce, now of Obviously Unrehearsed at OU and the guy who organized the Improv Festival they just had in OKC, was one of the performers and super nice. I told them it was amazing and that I would be back every weekend. Never went back.

But it did get me hooked on going to Monks' Night Out shows at The Velveeta Room which I did many times in high school. I remember deciding on the drive down from the burbs one time that it would be hilarious to yell out proctologist when they asked for an occupation. I did. Don't remember what happened after that.



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