The Lottery

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The Lottery

The Lottery.jpg

Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by Roy Janik
Cast Various
Run Oct 2010-Jan 2012

The Lottery was a show at The Hideout Theatre where four audience winners got to do a montage show with an experienced Hideout cast.


The Lottery was double-billed with Pick Your Own Path, The Nightmare Video Project, and Dubbed Indemnity. In each case, the audience would be given a chance to put their name in a hat when picking up their tickets at the box office. Then, at the top of the show, four winners would be chosen from the hat. They would go to the green room and warm up with a subset of that night's cast, while the rest of the cast did improv games or a quick montage set. Then, the lottery winners would come out and perform a show with "their" subset. Finally, the winners would return to their seats, and the cast would recombine to perform that night's main show.


The Lottery began its run at The Hideout Theatre as part of The Wheel in October of 2010. It was intended as a way to give students opportunities for stage time (a problem that would finally be solved with Maestro Raw). It went away when The Wheel was revamped in early 2012.