The Seven Eight Sevens

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The Seven Eight Sevens

Seven Eight Sevens.jpg

Years Active 2012-2013

The Seven Eight Sevens were an improv troupe.


The troupe was originally cast as a Gnap! house troupe by Jason Finkelman from a Merlin Works Mixer. Jason wanted to direct a troupe that based its improv on the "Big and Colorful Characters of Austin." His vision was influenced by the television show Portlandia. He originally cast Andrew Buck, Scott Hearne, Ryan Hill, Emma Holder, Mia Iseman, Ashlee Medlin, and Theresa York. The troupe was named by the cast after the first three numbers in the Austin area zip code. At the conclusion of the initially scheduled Gnap! run at Salvage Vanguard Theater most of the cast moved on to other projects, leaving only Scott Hearne and Ryan Hill. The pair enjoyed the concept of the troupe so much that they recast it, primarily with improvisers Ryan had worked with in the 2012 run of After School Improv. The new cast members were Mitchell Deane, Cat Drago, Brandon Martin, and Sarah Swofford. At the same time the troupe also started working with Clifton Highfield as a new coach.

The Seven Eight Sevens decided to bring the troupe to a close in the Summer of 2013 due to scheduling and commitment difficulties. They played their last show at The New Movement for Out of Bounds 2013. All former troupe members and coaches were invited to participate. The cast was Scott Hearne, Ryan Hill, Ashlee Medlin, Mitchell Deane, Cat Drago, Sarah Swofford, and Clifton Highfield.





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