A Deed So Dark

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A Deed So Dark was the September/October 2015 mainstage production at The Hideout Theatre.


Publicity Blurb

From the show announcement:

We're digging in deep among the roots of America, and presenting a show inspired by traditional American Murder Ballads. Crime and sin, all wrapped up in haunting folk music and improvised storytelling.

Murder Census

  • September 19th - "Poor Moon": Rebecca (Erin) killed Elizabeth (Kacey) with a rock bludgeoning to the face out of jealousy.
  • September 26th - "Dig Deep": Lawrence (J.R.) killed Pete (Jordan) with a mining pick-axe to the face for greed.
  • October 3rd - "Down in the Valley": Jeremiah (Brett) killed Mr. Richards (Kareem) with a gunshot to the chest and Mary Beth (Sarah Marie) with a knife to the throat for propriety.
  • October 10th - "Ring Ring Ring": Clementine (Kacey) killed Josie (Sarah) with a knife to the torso for love. Clive Winston (Kareem) was convicted of the crime. Clive committed suicide in his prison cell using Matthew's (Jordan) belt. Clementine committed suicide out of guilt by throwing herself down the same well she disposed of Josie's body.
  • October 16th - "Burn": Mary Hall (Sarah Marie) poisoned Ethel Jacobs (Erin) with rat poison from frustration. She was then hunted down by the town mob, wherein it was discovered that Hank Peterson (Jordan) was her brother. He shot Walter Jackson (J.R.) to help her escape.
  • October 17th - "Heavy is the Burden": Blind Homer Shaw (Kareem) bludgeoned with a bottle and gouged out the eyes of Bailey (J.R.) for dream crushing and otherwise carrying on in little regard to the feelings of a drunk blind man with hereditary rage issues.
  • October 23rd - "The Journey is Long": Roberta (Erin) was burned alive with kerosene by Lila (Sarah) for sibling rivalry. She was then shot in the head by Ezekiel (Jordan) and probably burned by his wife Ruth (Sarah Marie).
  • October 24th - "A Brick at a Time": Pearl (Kacey) was strangled to death by Leonard Harold McCoy (Kareem) for driving a wedge between him and his brother.



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