Holy 1960s Batman, Batman!

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Holy 1960's Batman, Batman! was an improvised longform narrative show inspired by the 1960's Batman TV series.

Cast & Crew

Deano Jones appeared as Batman/Bruce Wayne, and Kaci Beeler played Robin/Dick Grayson.

The rest of the cast were ensemble players.

Michael Yew was the technical director for the show.=== Guest Villains === Each week, a guest improvisor would play the villain of the episode. The villians were as follows:


Early takes on the format appeared under the title "Holy Sleep Deprivation, Batman" at The 40-Hour Improv Marathon and The 41-Hour Improv Marathon.

Kaci Beeler and Deano Jones appeared live on KEYE-TV on 5/11/11 to promote the show.

The show sold out all 10 weeks of its mainstage run at the Hideout Theatre. Its mainstage run included appearances in The 42-Hour Improv Marathon and The 2011 Improvised Play Festival.

After its mainstage performances, it had its run extended for two weeks, played two special Halloween shows, and headlined the Black Box Comedy Festival in Atlanta, all in 2011.

On 2/28/13, Eric Heiberg and Curtis Luciani reprised their respective roles as Chief O'Hara and Commissioner Gordon for a Free Fringe format called "Waiting for Batman". In it, the two characters spent twenty minutes chatting and waiting for Batman to show up at the commissioner's office.





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