Mike Kinald

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Mike Kinald

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Primary Theater The Hideout Theatre
Years Active 2006-Present

Mike Kinald is an improv performer.


Mike was introduced to improv by one of his English teachers in High School as a means to channel his class clown stunts into more constructive means. He soon had a small group of friends performing various scenes and games, as well as some sketch material. He took a few classes in college which allowed him to expand on his basic improv knowledge and joined the school's humor magazine. There with a few friends he created and directed two entirely improvised movies (They were horrible and were primarily done as something to do on summer break) but he soon became involved with an improv and sketch group in the NY Renaissance Faire. He soon became a staff writer for the Stockwood Renaissance Faire, writing sketches and improvising bits for the 2001 and 2002 Faire seasons. After moving to Texas in 2003, he received improv lessons as a gift for Christmas 2005. Mike's first Austin Improv class was Level 1 at The Hideout in January 2006 with Andy Crouch. He met his future troupe mates attending many of the Tuesday Night Jams which were held at the Hideout.

He was asked to join the newly forming Austin troupe Improv for Evil, which he accepted and became one of the troupe's original members. Improv for Evil debuted in May of 2007 at the Hideout, opening The Threefer.