Flying Theater Machine

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"Flying Theater Machine" was re-branded "Hideout Kids" in 2017.

Flying Theater Machine is the Hideout's weekly improv show for kids.


Flying Theater Machine happens every Sunday morning at 11am. Tickets are $5.

The format of the show changes regularly (see below), but always emphasizes audience involvement and G-rated antics.


  • Adventure Room (L)
  • Clockwork stories (L) May/Jun 2010, "Nov/Dec 2013"
  • Dinosaurs!/Dinos! Jul/Aug 2013, "May/June 2015"
  • Fairly Silly Fairy Tales (S) Sep/Oct 2013, "Sep/Oct 2015"
    Mostly short-form fairy-tale-themed games, with two longer stories mixed in: Fractured fairy tales – a familiar fairy tale with audience-suggested changes, and our “big story” – a completely made up fairy tale.
  • Improvable Circus Mar/Apr 2010
  • Made-up Magic (L) Jul/Aug 2010
  • Magic Club House (L) Jul/Aug 2011
  • Magic School Bus (L) Jan/Feb 2015
  • Monster Family (L) Nov/Dec 2011, Nov/Dec 2012, "Jan/Feb 2014", "March/April 2015"
    follows the experience of baby monster who is the only one who can see humans. Mostly short-form games, filtered through the experience of baby monster.
  • Pirate Adventures/Pirates! (L) May/Jun 2011, "July/Aug 2014"
  • Scavenger Hunt (L)
  • Snowball Fight (S) Nov/Dec 2009, Jan/Feb 2011, Jan/Feb 2012
    Two teams duke it out, theater sports style, the audience “votes” on the winner by throwing “snowballs” at their favorite team (pieces of paper with words or phrases), which are then used for a blind-line story.
  • Story Book Capers Mar/Apr 2011
  • Story Soup (S) Jan/Feb 2010
  • Story Sports (S) Sep/Oct 2010
  • Super Buddies (L) Sep/Oct 2015
  • Three Wishes (L) May/June 2015
  • Wang Dang Doodle Hour (S)
  • Wild Wild Puppets (L)
  • Gryffinpuffleclawsin / Wizard School (L) May/Jun 2013, "Nov/Dec 2014"
    A long-form narrative which follows our protagonists through a chapter of life at wizard school, broken up by games as their classes.
  • Wonderland (L) Sep/Oct 2009, Sep/Oct 2011, Sep/Oct 2012, "May/June 2014"
    Wonderland is a magical, silly place, full of excitement and strange characters. Our hero starts out in the real world with real world problems, but it is not long before they are swept away into Wonderland, where we will find amazing creatures and obstacles to overcome.
  • You Drive (S) "March/April 2014"
  • Pterodactyl Cactus Nov/Dec 2010



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