Live TV Tuesdays: Angel

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Live TV Tuesdays: Angel refers to the Live TV Tuesdays presentation of the Angel episode "Smile Time".


This was the third of the Joss-Whedon-derived productions from Live TV Tuesdays -- the first two being Buffy and Doctor Horrible.

This was one of the most ambitious TV Tuesdays shows in terms of production. To do justice to the source material, the show was very mixed-media, involving not only the usual sound and lighting tech, but also musical numbers, video playback, and (most significantly) both hand and full-body puppets. Sara Farr of the Puppet Improv Project handled the show's puppet-related work.

Peter Rogers reprised his role as Wesley from the earlier production of Buffy. The production brought Heath Allyn and Adam Mengesha into The Institution's orbit; they would both go on to participate in the TV Tuesdays production of Firefly.