Live TV Tuesdays: Firefly

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The cast of _Firefly_ takes a bow.
The cast of Firefly takes a bow.

Live TV Tuesdays: Firefly refers to the Live TV Tuesdays presentation of the Firefly episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds"


For this production, director Asaf Ronen and assistant director Michael Thomas wrote six original songs for the show, turning it into a musical.


This was the fourth of the Joss-Whedon-derived productions from Live TV Tuesdays (the first three being Buffy, Doctor Horrible, and Angel).

This show sold out its entire run before the second performance. Soon after that, FOX sent the production a cease-and-desist letter, and the production ended shortly afterwards.

The runaway popularity of this production led The Institution to produce The Joss Whedon Pajama Party, in which some of the cast reprised their Firefly roles.


Also, Kacey Samiee subbed in for Lindsey Reeves in one performance.





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