The Next Chapter

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The Next Chapter was a mainstage show at The Institution Theater that performed improvised continuations of the works of a published author.


Each night of the show had a different guest author. An author was interviewed, usually by Justin Bozied, for a short period at the top of the show, usually lasting five to ten minutes. Then, the author read anywhere from 500 to 750 words of his or her choosing from a published work. The cast listened and at the conclusion of the reading, performed a deconstruction of the piece by stepping forward to recite different details, themes, or concepts they heard for about a minute. They then improvised from where the excerpt left off to create a story that lasted for just over an hour. On short-story author nights, two stories were performed, with the author reading shorter excerpts from two different stories. The first story lasted for 25 minutes and the second for 35 minutes.

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