Confidence Men

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Confidence Men

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Years Active 2009-Present

Confidence Men is an improv troupe that improvises in the style of David Mamet.


Show Structure

A typical Confidence Men show is a two-act play. Each act is a monoscene. Each performer plays one character throughout the show. In between act one and act two, there is a 45-second solo musical performance.

They also do a variation on the format called "The Variations," inspired by Mamet's Duck Variations. This format typically features a theme and a symphonic variety of conversations around that theme.

Press Blurb

This is their bio from their web site:

"Legendary American playwright David Mamet has a certain way with language–rapid fire dialogue, unfinished sentences, meaningful pauses, raucous cursing, jazz symphonic rhythms . . . meanwhile, Confidence Men: Improvised Mamet have a certain way of lifting that style and making it their own. In the realm of improvised theatre. Every show is a wild testosterone-fueled romp of comedy that can turn deadly serious at the drop of a hat. These six acclaimed and dishonorable menschen will sell you a plot of fuck yes in a two-act play made off the cuffs of their three-piece suits. And, yes, there will be a 45-second musical intermission."







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