Bridgeport Women's Correctional Facility Short Form Players

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Bridgeport Women's Correctional Facility Short Form Players is an improv troupe that performs persona-prov as a set of female prisoners.


The players portray pre-developed "prisoner" characters, and, as those characters, they perform short-form improv.

In their 2006-2007 performances (see below), they played sets usually lasting twenty to thirty minutes, and were strictly short-form persona-prov shows. In their 2014 run, their shows were an hour long and included set pieces and character development.

The troupe prepared for the performance runs by, among other things, developing their "prisoner" personas and rehearsing stage combat.


Erika May McNichol came up with the idea for the troupe while living in Chicago, after seeing Switchblade Sisters. She also drew inspiration from the 1980s promotional TV show Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

The troupe debuted in The Cagematch on 7/14/06 with the following cast:

This run included a show at The 2006 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. The last performance on record for that incarnation is a 4/27/07 performance in The Threefer.

The troupe returned to ColdTowne in June 2014 for a run of Saturday-night shows, as the "Bridgeport Correctional Facility Short Form Impromptu Skit Players", with the following cast:



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