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Years Active 1986-2012, 2017 - current
Directed by Shawn Utterback, Terril Fischer
Cast Various
This page refers to the sports-themed short-form improv show that currently runs Saturday nights at Pinballz Lakecreek. For the competitive short-form improv show that's had several runs as a Hideout mainstage show, see Theatresports.

ComedySportz refers to the Austin franchise of ComedySportz.


ComedySportz is a format in which teams of improvisers compete to do the best short-form improv. A referee oversees the competition, and a scorekeeper assigns points to each team's efforts. The show emphasizes quick-witted, short-form, family-friendly comedy. True to its name, the show includes many sports conventions -- the referee dresses in a vertically-striped jersey, the tech booth provides sports-arena-style music, and the players can get penalized for "fouls", including the "brown bag foul" (lewd or offensive humor), and the "groaner foul" (awful puns).


The franchise had its first audition on 1/22/86 (Superbowl Sunday). Over their 28-year run, they put on over five thousand shows -- both in Austin and on tour around the world.

In 2000, the Austin Audacities defeated the Chicago Jazz in a nail-biting finale to the ComedySportz National Tournament and were crowned the Champions of the Comedy League of America.

ComedySportz participated in both The 40-Hour Improv Marathon and The 41-Hour Improv Marathon.

The Austin franchise closed up shop in 2012, but former players Shawn Utterback and Terrill Fischer acquired the license in 2017. Comedy Sportz now performs weekly at Zach North.


ComedySportz ran in a number of theaters over the course of its existence, including:


ComedySportz included some 350 members over the course of its existence, including:



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