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Ryan Hill


Primary Theater The Hideout Theatre, The Institution Theater
Years Active 2011-Present

Ryan Hill is an improv performer and founding member of the grounded troupe In Our Prime.


Ryan dabbled in theater in high school and college. In the aughts he performed with Austin vintage radio drama troupe, The Violet Crown Radio Players and started the Chicken Fried Radio comedy podcast with his friend Toby Heidel, but his experience of improv was limited to enjoying reruns of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

In 2011 he was telecommuting at the Hideout Coffee House and ran into an old friend, Thedward Blevins, who was attending improv class. Thedward introduced Ryan to Hideout Education Director Andy Crouch. After accepting Thedward's invitation to a Thursday evening of watching improv, Ryan attended twelve hours of The 42-Hour Improv Marathon. Somewhere in the wee hours of Saturday morning, he realized with a jolt of fear that he had discovered a new passion that could not be ignored.

In June, 2011 he started classes with Crouch at The Hideout Theatre. He completed the Hideout curriculum in 2012. Roy Janik, The Hideout Theatre co-owner, was his teacher for the upper levels. He also took classes at The Institution Theater.

Ryan has been a TA for adult and teen improv classes at The Hideout Theater; he has coached Four Stories Tall, a teen improv troupe. He produced The 44-Hour Improv Marathon and produced The 45-Hour Improv Marathon with Jessie Pascarelli.

He is also a musician and has played for I Love You So Much with the band Tiny Cute Trio and Fuck It's Hot solo. He is also a frequent musical improviser substitute for Indigo Shift.




  • District Improv Festival 2013 (Washington, DC)
  • Improv Festival Oklahoma 2012 (Norman, OK)
  • Improv Festival Oklahoma 2013 (Norman, OK)
  • Improv Festival Oklahoma 2014 (Norman, OK)
  • The 2014 Unscripted Festival (New York, New York)

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