Madeline Jo Chauvin

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Madeline Jo Chauvin

Madeline Jo Chauvin Pic.jpg

Primary Theater The Institution Theater
Years Active 2008-Present

Madeline Jo Chauvin is an improv performer.


Jo performs regularly in Austin, mostly improv, but some scripted work and hosting as well. She also produces and directs, and has TA'd at The Institution and Hideout theatres. Jo is on the faculty of The Institution Theater as a Level 101 teacher.


Jo first got into improv when she took the very first class offered by The Institution Theater. Since then, she's trained at the Institution Theater and the Hideout Theatre. She has taken workshops with Austin visitors Keith Johnstone, Laura Hall, Dave Sheridan, Mark Beltzman, Zach Ward, Jill Bernard, and others.

Jo is excited that she was able to perform in London with C3467X in 2013. Sure, it was just once, but it makes her an international performer!

A post from her about the first improv show she ever saw:

I saw "Star Trick: The Musical" in Vancouver around 1990. Spock was played by Dean Haglund, who later played one of the Lone Gunmen on the X-files.