Late Night Time Machine

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Late Night Time Machine

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Theater The Institution Theater
Directed by
Initial Run Sep 2014
Subsequent Run(s) Apr-May 2015

Late Night Time Machine is an improvised historical talk show originating from The Institution Theater.


A performance of _Late Night Time Machine_.
Teddy Hancox and Tildy Weatherspoon

Late Night Time Machine with Teddy Hancox is a live comedy show created by Tess Hermes, James C. Leary, and Mason Pitluk. A late night show from 1968 hosted by Teddy Hancox (James C. Leary), LNTM features celebrity guests flown in from all across time. Each live show features new guest improvisors in character as historical figures or celebrities from past, present, and future. Sydney Huddleston co-stars as Matilda "Tildy" Weatherspoon, the show's intern/PA turned executive producer, and Mike Carreon as Teddy's sidekick, Bud Grouper.

Shows have featured a mixture of improvised on-air interviews and off-air interactions (both on-set and behind the scenes), as well as stand up performances, the occasional musical performance, and written sketch commercials satirizing the culture of the late 60's.


Late Night Time Machine with Teddy Hancox was conceived by Tess Hermes, James C. Leary, and Mason Pitluk in the Summer of 2014. The show was pitched to the Institution Theater with Clifton Highfield signed on to direct, Sydney Huddleston signed on to play second lead Matilda Weatherspoon, Ceej Allen signed on as a performer, and Mark Shoemaker signed on as Technical Director. Hermes and Pitluk would write and produce while Leary would play host Teddy Hancox. The pitch itself was a three minute glimpse into an episode featuring a David Lynch guest interview, an off-air Tildy-Teddy interaction, and a Lucky Strike Cigarettes commercial.

Season 1

Season 1 was directed by Clifton Highfield, written and produced by Tess Hermes, Mason Pitluk, and Highfield, and featured the technical direction of Mark Shoemaker.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Christmas Special Spectacular

Season 2

Season 2 was directed by Mason Pitluk, written and produced by Tess Hermes and Pitluk, and featured the technical direction of Mark Shoemaker. Ceej Allen and Alex Ayala assisted Hermes and Pitluk with the conception and writing of the season. Along with Hermes and Pitluk, Allen earned writing credit for episode 1 and Ayala earned credit for episode 4, arguably two of the "finest nights of live comedy in the history of mankind."

Season 2 primarily focused on:

  • Teddy's growth as an individual, especially in regards to his treatment of Tildy and Bud
  • Tildy's struggle to earn respect as female executive in 1968
  • Teddy and Tildy's quest to make "good television," motivated primarily by Teddy's desire to remain famous and avoid cancellation, and Tildy's knowledge of the decline of television after spending time as the executive producer of The Ellen Show in 2016.

April 3rd - Episode 1 - Back From the Future

April 10th - Episode 2 - The Return of Barbara: 2016 Strikes Back

April 17th - Episode 3 - Party Time (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Manuel Noriega)

April 24th - Episode 4 - The Silence of Tyranny, An Allegory (Presented by McDonald's)

May 1st - Episode 5 - Teddy Saves America

May 8th - Episode 6 - Finale

Teddy Does ColdTowne

On April 12, 2016, "Late Night Time Machine: Teddy Does ColdTowne" will debut at ColdTowne Theater.

The cast includes:



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