The Escorts

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The Escorts

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Years Active 2011-Present
Past Members

The Escorts are an improv troupe that perform monoscenes and "strange attractor" as their formats.


Press Blurb

"The Escorts will take the audience anywhere they want to go! Inspired from a location suggested by an audience member, The Escorts perform a one-act play focused on relationships, discovery and mischief. Where will we take you next?

Marc Majcher is both a performer and teacher at The Hideout Theatre. Andreas Fabis, a member of the Gnap! company and director of Magna Veritas, has also performed in game-changing shows such as Live Nude Improv. Ruby Willmann is director of What the F@*$ and a Hideout improv teacher, and Alex Dobrenko is a recent participant in the New York Improv Festival. Lindsey Reeves is played in The Professor and Firefly: The musical."

Aaron Saenz joined in January 2014 after Alex Dobrenko left for Los Angeles. Shannon Dale Stott joined in 2015 after Ruby Willmann moved to Los Angeles




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